Tuesday, 15/6/2021 | : : UTC+0
Southern Mongolia

Environmental Deterioration in Southern Mongolia


Members of IMPP held a protest in front of the Chinese Embassy in Washington D.C. in hopes of shedding light on the environmental abuse the Chinese Government has brought upon Southern Mongolia. The demonstration started at 11am US Eastern time.

Waving the flag of Southern Mongolia, Members of IMPP came with signs reading, “Free Southern Mongolia”, and “Return my Grassland”, which included pictures of the environment destruction of Inner Mongolia. IMPP members demanded that Chinese authorities stop the environmental devastation and guarantee the rights of Mongolian herders in Inner Mongolia.

Inner Mongolia’s 1.2 million km2 expanse is rich in natural resources such as coal, gas, and rare earth metals. According to the BBC, a quarter of Chinese coal production is mined in Inner Mongolia. With the backward mining practice and literally no environmental regulation, not only the environment but also the livelihood of Mongolians Herders’ are numerous to account. Many Mongolians herders were forced to move away from their hometown and give up their traditional way of life. Gradually, the nomadic way of life and culture are dying in Inner Mongolia.

IMPP condemns the Chinese authorities for allowing such environmental damages and human rights abuse taking place in Inner Mongolia. In addition, IMPP calls on the international community to push Chinese authorities to take actions to stop allowing the deterioration of environment in Inner Mongolia, in the mean time to respect the rights of Mongolians in Inner Mongolia.



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