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Southern Mongolia

Joint Statement from the “Exposing Communist Chinese Government Influence in America” Conference

1999-05-16 IMPP

We the participants from Eastern Turkistan, Inner Mongolia, Taiwan,
Tibet and the United States in the conference, “Exposing Communist
Chinese Government Influence in America”, held in Orlando, Florida,
from May 15-16, 1999 resolve:

1. That we totally deplore the Chinese Communist Government’s blatant
use of its propaganda machinery to spread misinformation about our

2. That we strongly object to the display of Eastern Turkistani,
Mongolian, and Tibetan exhibits in the Splendid China Theme Park,
Kissimmee, Florida. This is a distortion of our history and is to
legitimize China’ s illegal occupation of our countries;

3. That through these exhibits, Splendid China misinforms the visitors
about the true situation in our respective countries. While there is
blatant destruction of our culture and way of life by the Chinese
Communists, Splendid China depicts the wrong image that China respects
our cultures;

4. That we believe that Splendid China is a political tool of the
Chinese Government in the guise of an entertainment center. We call on
the U.S. Government to withdraw permission for the Park as it
contradicts the rules under which it has been set up;

5. That we call on the Communist Chinese Government to bring an
immediate halt to its colonialistic and oppressive rule in Eastern
Turkistan, Inner Mongolia, and Tibet. By denying human rights,
including political rights, and religious freedom to our people, the
Chinese Government is violating international norms and United Nations

6. That we assert the right of our people to self-determination and to
decide our own future; and

7. That we will continue our joint campaign against Chinese Communist
Government’s propaganda against us and to inform the world of the truth
of our situation.

May 16, 1999



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