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Southern Mongolia

Protest China’s Oppression of Mongols

1999-04-13 IMPP

Today, on the occasion of Zhu Rongji (the Premier of China) visiting New York, the Inner Mongolian People’s Party presents you this declaration to express our protest of the government, which you represent.

Inner Mongolia has an area of 1,200,000 square kilometers, six times larger than France; the population of Mongolia is nearly six million. In geographical terms, Inner Mongolia is the grassland plains to the north beyond the Great Wall of China. At the time of Chinggis Khan (Genghis Khan), in the 13th and 14th Century, Imperil Mongolia ruled over China. The Manchu Empire was ruling China till 1911. After the fall of the Manchu Empire,the Chinese settlers started to move into Mongolian grassland by force, and dividing up the region into Chinese-style administrative areas.

In 1949, after the victory of the Chinese Communist Party , the true tragedy came. When the communist army, having defeated the Mongolian self-defense forces led by Prince Demchegdongrob ( De Wang, the 31st generation descendant of Chinggis Khan ), occupied the whole of the Mongolian domain north of the Great Wall and south of the Mongolian People’s Republic, completely destroying the religious and political system of Mongolia. The communists have suppressed any resistance by introducing great numbers of Chinese immigrants and military forces into the region and bye their heavy-handed efforts to change the traditional customs of the Mongolian people. The Mongols were conquered but they have not given up resistance.

Since than, the Chinese government has been cruelly pushing its colonial totalitarian communist policy in Inner Mongolia. During the half of century of rule, your government has utilized all possible ways in all aspects of political, military, cultural, economic, administrative, and population control spheres to execute its ethnically discriminatory and colonialist policy. It as aimed at completely assimilating and thereby, extinguishing the Mongolian nationality, the true owners of the Mongolian territory since ancient times. Your purpose has been to continue a Communist colonial domination forever, without any resistance.

In order to force this rich land to satisfy your greedy needs in military, economic and population spheres, your government, for a long time, has been suppressing the human rights of the entire native Mongolian nationality in the most barbarous and cruel manner. According to your government’s official records, during the 52 years, your government has directly or indirectly slaughtered a total of 150,000 Mongolian. You have destroyed the Mongolian culture and religion of Tibet. The continuous migration of Chinese people into the grassland of Mongolian territory has produced severe damage to the ecology system. This has resulted in the expansion or desert lands. Now the Mongols have become a “minority” in their own land. To date, Mongols are facing a destiny of being extinguished from the earth by your Communist government. Your government is the sole responsible party for all this tragedy.

Your government has always been persistent in its hardlined political oppression policies. For all these past years, it has long been suppressing people with different political opinions, blocking news information, as well as fooling the people of the free world. In the last two years, it has again captured and punished people who hold different political views. It suppressed Southern Mongolian Democratic Alliance organized by various ethnic groups. The whole purpose was o deprive the rights of the Mongolian people. The colonization policy of your Communist government has severely violated numerous international laws. It has hidden its crimes until today.

Based on the aforementioned criminal activities, we are here to demand the following:

Cease the suppression of those Mongol nationalists who hold political views different from yours. Stop threatening the members of those opposition organizations outside of Inner Mongolia. Immediately release political prisoners such as Mr. Hada, Mr. Tegexi and others. Acknowledge and permit freedom of speech, publication, public protest as well as organized meetings.
Stop Chinese immigration and population assimilation policies toward Mongols
Stop the manufacturing of nuclear weapons and any military related production in Inner Mongolia, and the destruction of the Mongol’s nomadic environment and ecology.
Abandon your government’s policy of naming the Mongols one of the “Chinese Peoples” as a matter of official political principle. Stop the use of any name or term that insults the Mongols or implies that the Mongols are Chinese.
Honestly and diligently implements the International Human rights Treaty, the Economics, Social and Cultural Rights Treaty, the Racial Genocide Treaty, and the Racial discrimination Treaty of the United Nations as well as other applicable internationally acknowledge laws and treaties.
Note: this speech is delivered on April 13, 1999 by Mr. Bache, vice chairman of the IMPP



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