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Southern Mongolia

The Landless Inner Mongolians

2008-08-25 IMPP

Inner Mongolian People`s Party
August 25, 2008
Report on Human Rights Condition in Inner Mongolia for the past three years submitted by the Inner Mongolian People`s Party to UN Human Rights Council Universal Periodic Review (UPR)

The mankind is fully aware of the fact that for the past 61 years the Chinese colonizers conducted the oppressive policies of genocide and forceful assimilation .

Especially for the past three years Beijing authorities launched the state-sponsored, wide-ranging repressive policies and intensified their brutal activities directed to eliminate the Inner Mongolians as a separate ethnicity, and to extinguish the Mongolian language and culture.

One. The Nominal “Autonomous Region”

Traditional administrative division of Inner Mongolia was forcefully altered, giving way to Chinese-patterned entities. Thus, five of the eight provinces were changed to cities, among them, two were given the specific Chinese names.


Jirem Aimag (Province) into Tong Liao City;
Zuu Od Aimag (Province) into Chi Feng City.

In addition, positions of authority in provinces(Aimag), counties(Khushuu) and districts(Sum) of Inner Mongolia were completely taken from the ethnic Mongols and transferred exclusively to the Chinese.


All provincial (Aimag), municipal and county (Khushuu)-level governors of the “Autonomous Region” are the Chinese. Of the eight provinces (Aimag), the Chinese comprise over 95 per cent of the members of administration.

1. Li Wang Zhong, Governor of the Ulaanchab Aimag(Province )

Seven deputy governors and all secretaries of this province (Aimag) are Chinese.

2. Another Chinese, Zhang Guohua, occupies the governorship of the Shilin Gol Province ( Aimag ), predominantly populated by the ethnic Mongols.
3. Situation elsewhere in other provinces ( Aimag ), counties ( Khoshuu ) and districts ( Sum ) remain identically bizarre.

Two. Loss of Mongolian Language and Culture

Despite their verbal commitment to preserving and developing the Mongolian language and culture, Beijing authorities have never implemented any of these promise. On the contrary, they intensified the brutal policies and actions toward a complete elimination of the Mongolian language and culture in short time.


1. All Mongolian-language elementary schools are being forcefully disbanded. In particular, as a consequence of such forceful closure of Mongolian schools in Shilin Gol Aimag (Province), children of the Mongol herders are now unable to be educated in their native language.

2. Throughout the “Autonomous Region,” only one college offers education in the Mongolian language (“Special Vocational School of Mongolian Language,” in Hohhot). Though other universities and colleges in Inner Mongolia offer few degrees in Mongolian. None the less, it is extremely difficult for their graduates to get job opportunities – due to the diminishing usage and the status of Mongolian in Inner Mongolia, and its denigration to the family or household language. This undoubtedly is the ultimate consequence of the oppressive policies and activities by the Chinese colonial authorities, implemented throughout many decades with the goal of extinguishing the Mongolian language and culture.

3. A majority of Mongolian language periodicals were discontinued, as well as the Mongolian language movies and play were completely disbanded.

4. All postal services throughout the Inner Mongolia “Autonomous Region” operate only in Chinese.

5. All official correspondence, speeches and notes in conferences throughout the Inner Mongolia “Autonomous Region” are permitted to be conducted exclusively in Chinese.

6. Traditional customs and all aspects of cultural life, cherished by the people of Inner Mongolia, are put to forceful destruction.


The Genghis Khan Mausoleum in Ordos, venerated by the Mongols throughout eight centuries, was confiscated from the Mongols and transferred to the Chinese-run “Dong Lian” Company and made a tourist camp, and act of outright discrimination of the Mongolian people.

Three. The Landless Inner Mongolians

Throughout many decades, Beijing authorities have shamelessly robbed the natural resources of the Inner Mongolia “Autonomous Region,” both on and underneath its soil, thus denying the Mongolian people of their living environment.


1. Out of their wicked plans to completely assimilate the Inner Mongolians among the Chinese, Beijing authorities resettled tens of millions of Chinese from inland provinces of China into Inner Mongolia. These Chinese immigrants, with direct support of Beijing authorities, have robbed Mongols pastureland, and transformed them into plantation fields, mines and factory plants and causing the environmental degradation in Inner Mongolia. As a consequence of intensive desertification during the past few years, 64 per cent of the total land area of Inner Mongolia has now become a lifeless desert. Sand storms, resulting from this phenomenon affect not only Inner Mongolia, but also Beijing and many inland provinces of China, as well as South Korea and Japan …

Under the pretext of “halting the process of desertification”, the Chinese government has stripped the Mongolian herders of their right to engage in animal husbandry, and forcefully resetted them to provincial (Aimag) and county (Khushuu) centers. The Mongol peasants as well are forcefully resettled to Chinese-dominated villages and townships…


As informed by the Chinese newspaper, Beifang Xinbao, the Chinese government issued a resolution to transfer 2.4 million Mongolian herders and peasants into cities and villages by the year 2010.

As reported by Xinhua News Agency, animal husbandry was completely banned in 44 counties (Khoshuu) and districts (Sum) of Inner Mongolia for the purpose of “stopping desertification.”

Hence the Mongolians are denied of grazing their livestock at their pastureland. Their basic livelihood and cultural traditions were either forcefully altered or discontinued. As a consequence, living space of the Inner Mongolians has shrunk and they have become a minority of minorities in their own homeland.

The displaced Mongols are forced to settle in “refugee camps,” specifically created in the outskirts of major cities, centers of provinces (Aimag) and counties (Khoshuu). To get a bowl of meal, the Mongols enslaved by the Chinese, performing the hardest and dirtiest of jobs in exchange for a miserable salary …

Thus, the Chinese immigrant have become the masters of our land in Inner Mongolia, while we the Mongols, who throughout thousands years lived as lawful masters of this land, now survive as refugees in our own homeland!

In contrast, with no livestock to herd and no place to go to, Inner Mongolians are going through the hardest time in centuries,

The desperate and fearless Inner Mongolians stood out in numerous occasions to against the brutal Chinese colonization for the cause of defending their life, their land, and their children. According to official Chinese reports, over 200 Mongols clashed with the Chinese police when rallying to defend their pastureland in Hinggan Ovoo village, Hundulun district (Sum) of Horchin county (Khoshuu) of Inner Mongolia on July 18, 2005. As a result, many were wounded, detained and arrested. According to Reuters, over 2,000 Mongol residents of Qianjing village, Jirem Province (Aimag) clashed with the Chinese police, with many wounded and arrested etc …

Four. Political Persecution Further Intense

The Communist Party of China continues to deny the fundamental rights of the ethnic Mongol people, lawlessly oppressing, arbitrarily arresting and imprisoning those Inner Mongolians who courageously voiced their concern, such as the desire of preserving the Mongolian language and culture and defend vital interests of the ethnic Mongol people. (The list of those arrested and imprisoned human rights activists in Inner Mongolia includes the names of such fearless individuals, as Hada, Ulanshuvuu, Burged, Huchintugs, Magnai etc …)


1. Hada, chairman of the Southern Mongolian Democratic Alliance ( SMDA ) , was lawlessly arrested in December 1995, and sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment. He still serves the 13th year of his sentence at the Fourth prison of Chi -Feng City, subjected to torture … Hada`s spouse and son have been tormenting under surveillance and inflicting fear for years . Moreover, Hada`s only son, Uils, was falsely charged and imprisoned for two years between 2002 and 2004.

Campaign For Releasing Mr. Hada

2. An ethnic Mongolian physician, Nagunbileg, and his wife, Dagula, were charged with “brainwashing the people with improper religious cult,” for practicing the traditional Mongolian medicine and running the “Otoch” hospital in Hohhot, healing hundreds of Mongols. They were arrested with their property confiscated.

Couple Arrested for Practicing Mongolian Medicine

3. On January 6, 2008 Jaranbayar Soyoltu – a citizen of Mongolia (a representative of the Inner Mongolian People`s Party in Mongolia) was secretly arrested at Beijing International Airport, and was illegally detained at the Second prison of the Ministry of Chinese Security organization in Hohhot for over half a year. Under strong pressures from Amnesty International and governments of many democracies, the BeiJing authorities reluctantly released him on June 17, 2008.

Mongolian Dissident Arrested in Beijing

4. Chinese state security illegally arrested Naranbileg, a renowned Inner Mongolian writer and journalist, from home in Hohhot on March 23, 2008. The Golomt magazine, and a website, edited by Naranbileg, were closed. Naranbileg, stripped of the passport and subjected to 20,000 remninbi fine, was ultimately placed under house arrest.

Mongolian Rights Advocate Released from Detention, Placed under House Arrest

5. For many years, the Chinese government keeps track of a renowned Inner Mongolian writer and educator Gao Yuliang (formerly a member of the Southern Mongolian Democratic Alliance ) for freely expressing opinions in favor of defending the fellow – Inner Mongolians . As part of the persecution by the Chinese state security, Gao was given twice as less salary that fellow teachers, deprived of the right to travel freely, and was not issued a passport. Moreover, in February 2008 Gao Yuliang`s book, “The Testimony of a Rock”, was recalled from sale in order to prevent from influencing the Mongol youth.

Dissident`s Book Confiscated in Southern (Inner) Mongolia

6. On February 18, 2007 officers of the Chinese state security broke into the home of a famous Inner Mongolian political activist and social theorist Muunohai and confiscated his books on Mongolian ethnic identity and national interests of the Mongols, namely: “The Frozen Issue”, “The Zero Issue”, “Life of a man like dream” depicting his autobiography, etc… as well as all banned books in his possession. Moreover, all of his books were labeled “separatist” and “dissident” and recalled from bookstores.

Prominent Dissident Muunohai`s Book Banned as Suppression of Mongolian Publications Intensifies

7. On the eve of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the Chinese authorities intensified their libeling and purges of the Tibetan, Uighur and Mongol ethnic minorities for alleged “terrorist activities”. Most recently, on July 29, 2008 the Chinese state security arrested Burelduun, owner of the “Toonot Nutag” bookstore, during his participation at the Evenk festival in Hulun Buir Aimag (Province). His bookstore was thoroughly searched, with the hard disc of the two of his computers and the passports of his and his spouse`s being confiscated. Moreover, his wife Sarnai was also detained and questioned. As of today, we possess no detailed information on whereabouts of Burelduun and his family members.

Another Mongolian Arrested for Alleged Links with “Separatists”

Five. Denial of the Freedom of Information

For decades, Beijing authorities continued to isolate Inner Mongolia from the rest of the world and brainwashed the people of Inner Mongolia with propaganda containing the one-sided ideology of the Communist Party of China. To fulfill the objective of maintaining the Inner Mongolians blind, the Mongol population is deprived of even the minimal rights of free access to information.


The Chinese state security puts under strict monitoring those Inner Mongolian websites with even the slightest mentioning of such terms, as “Mongolian language and culture,” or “Mongol nation,” charging their activists with “treason,” “separatism”, etc. and shutting down those sites at any time.

1. In October 2004, the www.nutuge.com site with over 10,000 consumers was completely shut down, along with the two other sites, www.minimongol.com and www.ehoron.com.

Two Internet Sites Shut Down in Inner Mongolia

2. Using the modern surveillance technology, all internet cafes in Hohhot are strictly and regularly monitored, with those unfavoured by the Communist Party of China and the Chinese government being closed, fined and banned.

Inner Mongolia Officially Launches Internet Cafe Intelligent Control System

Conclusions Drawn from Aforementioned Undeniable Facts:

The Chinese government clearly breaches the following laws and international conventions:

1. All sections declaring the protection of fundamental rights of the citizens, included in Article 2 of the Constitution of the People`s Republic of China (especially Sections 33, 34, 35, 37, 38, 39 and 40);

2. Chapter of the United Nations, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, UN Convention on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, UN Convention on Civil and Political Rights and other international conventions and acts protecting the fundamental human rights, violating the letter and spirit of all of them (despite being the People`s Republic of China a signatory and party to all of the aforementioned).

The Inner Mongolian People`s Party, therefore, calls upon the United Nations, international human rights organizations and governments of nations upholding the principles of freedom and democracy, to consider the following:

1. To strongly condemn the brutal policies and actions of genocide and assimilation launched by the Chinese government against the Inner Mongolians, Tibetans, Uighurs and other minorities; and to exert political and economic pressure on the Chinese government, thereupon and assure the rights of the Inner Mongolian, Tibetan and Uighur peoples;

2. To grant freedom to all Inner Mongolian, Tibetan and Uighur peoples and to restore their self-rule;

3. To grant freedom and democracy to the people of China;

4. To immediately release all Inner Mongolian, Tibetan , Uighur and the Chinese pro-democracy activists who were illegally imprisoned in China.



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